Why Ringless Voicemail Is So Effective


Why is ringless voicemail so effective?

Ringless voicemail communications have emerged as being recognized as one of the most effective ways to get messages out and create desired engagement today. What makes it so effective? What applications are there for direct to voicemail in B2B, B2C, and nonprofit settings?

The 411 on Ringless Voicemail Services


Direct to voicemail services enable marketers and nonprofit organizations to drop voice messages into recipients’ phone inboxes, without the phone needing to ring. Initiators create and choose a message to send, select when they want it to go out, and drop it using a online app or dashboard, or third party ringless voicemail service provider. These messages can be used to deliver notifications and alerts, generate callbacks, or other desired actions with automated phone systems. This can be done at small or grand scale, depending on the purpose, demographics being targeted, and list sizes.




  • 72% plus traditional outbound calls lead to voicemail
  • Ringless voicemail drops can cost less than 10 cents per message
  • Voicemails can generate 7% to 11% callback ratios
  • Ringless voicemails have far lower complaint rates than cold calling
  • 9 out of 10 mobile phone users keep phones with them 24/7 [Morgan Stanley]
  • Direct to voicemail technology can be set up in 48 hours or less

TCPA Compliant Calls

One of the biggest concerns and barriers to productivity and results today is regulation and legality. Organizations and entrepreneurs must be sure they are compliant to avoid serious complaints and expensive legal battles, lawsuits and judgements. Ringless voicemail is not only hyper-efficient for call centers, government, and small businesses, but remains TCPA compliant, and legal, according to FTC advertising legal specialists at the law offices of William I. Rothbard. The generation of inbound call backs also eliminates the risk of compliance issues and heat from

Ringless Voicemail for Government & Nonprofits


Direct to voicemail has a large number of potential applications for government organizations and NGOs. This technology and messaging style, has many of the same benefits as SMS marketing and alerts. Think of Amber alerts to cell phones. Voicemail can be used to provide more detail, and will remain there until checked, unlike push notifications. This could be especially useful in situations requiring more detail. For example; evacuation instructions and precautions in the event of a hurricane or terror attack.

Political organizations and charities may find these services critical for gaining support, and various fundraising activities. The efficiency and effectiveness of this tech, can be critical for these types of entities, and ensuring the maximum amount of dollars go directly to those in need.


Ringless Voicemail for B2B Communications


Ringless voice drops and voice broadcasting has numerous applications in the B2B domain.

This includes:


  • B2B marketing and lead generation
  • Generating inbound lead calls to call center agents
  • Providing product updates and shipping notifications
  • Customer service calls
  • Notifications of servicing needs
  • Appointment confirmations and appointment setting
  • Communicating and logistics with professionals and contractors out in the field

Ringless Voicemail for B2C Communications

B2C marketing is seeing incredible opportunities and benefits from the opportunities that ringless voice drops provide. Not only is there greater effectiveness in connecting with prospects, but together with the efficiency provided ringless services can make a substantial difference in marketing ROI, revenues, and profit.

Every industry, and companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies can utilize this channel, and in a variety of ways.

Uses for Medical & Debt Collectors

Debt collectors face a very tough job today. Direct mail and cold call abilities are limited, and are rarely effective. It is too easy to debtors to ignore messages, too hard to get through, and very difficult to convey the desired message and create a positive income. Ringless voicemail drops can change these dynamics. Debt collectors can use voice to deliver a more appealing message and call to action, and spend more of their labor budget on dealing with viable and collectable accounts. This applies to medical service providers, third party debt collection companies, and student loan servicers.

Financial Services Companies

Banks, lenders, investment firms, and mortgage companies have a lot to gain from the potential of ringless voicemail. Uses include generating inbound calls from new prospects, alerting existing customers to new products and services, notifying current and past customers of pre-qualifications for lending products, spreading the word of customer loyalty plans and reward programs. Ringless voicemail can also be used to send payment reminders, of advise of possible special arrangements in unique situations such as natural disasters, data breaches, and regular platform outages.

Real Estate Services

Real estate in one of the largest industries, and has substantial benefits to be gleaned from ringless voicemail marketing. This can include targeted prospecting, routine lead nurturing and follow up campaigns, alerts to key dates such as lease renewals, payments, and anniversaries of moving in dates, property tax payments, and insurance coverage, or alerts to meetings. Drops can be used to promote new listings, as instant follow up to new lead inquiries from the web or for sale signs, and attendees to live events. These efforts can be initiated by independent real estate agents and brokers, third party marketing professionals, real estate office assistants, or the firm’s in-house administration and marketing team.


Ringless voicemail is emerging as a highly desireable medium across public, private, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations. This is not only due to the cost savings, efficiency, and speed associated with these voice drops, but the effectiveness in engaging recipients and generating desired results. This technology and marketing tool can be used in every type of industry, for multiple purposes, from initial contact, through daily operations, to loyalty programs. All while remaining compliant with current laws, rules, and regulations.