Ringless Voicemail For Insurance Companies & Agents

The insurance industry can be one of the most challenged when it comes to advertising, sales and communications. Ringless voicemail technology and services may be the best tool independent insurance agents and the largest underwriters have at their disposal to excel and thrive.

From optimizing key business metrics and financials to gaining new market share and retaining lifelong customers, ringless voicemail services provide many advantages to the insurance industry. It remains one of the most flexible and compliant methods of communication, which can be used across virtually every sector. Here’s what to know, and some of the most profitable ways to implement this technology in your insurance business.

Ringless Voicemail 101

Ringless voicemail has now been in play for a couple of years. Yet, even though it has proven its worth and has been implemented across other industries (mortgage lending, real estate, NGOs, debt collection and automotive) is has still largely flown under the radar of consumers and many businesses and independent professionals. This provides an extra advantage for earlier adopters in the insurance industry to gain an edge over the competition and to stand out among their peers with B2B partners and consumers.

This technology works by dropping voicemail messages into the inboxes of phone users, including mobile devices. All without the phone ringing. Recipients will receive instant notifications of the message and can interact in a variety of ways. It is non-intrusive, yet highly effective and simply can’t be ignored.

By going direct to voicemail ringless drops avoid bounces involved in ringing phones, and enables recipients to engage immediately when they have time to take action. The result is high connection rates, with incredible value for marketing and communications compared with other efforts. It’s all highly customizable, targeted, trackable and measurable; providing a far superior option over many others available to the insurance world. Used in tandem with other efforts it can greatly enhance overall performance as well.

Is Ringless a Match for Your Business?

Ringless voicemail services can be leveraged by virtually all types of insurance firms from small independent agents to mid-sized specialist brokers to large national corporations.

This includes:

  • Mortgage insurance companies
  • Homeowners insurance agents
  • Car, motorcycle and recreational vehicle insurance
  • Renter and landlord insurance brokers
  • Business insurance agents
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance


Ringless voicemail is one of the few compliant communication and advertising channels left available for insurance companies. This is because it is classified as an Enhanced Information Service by the FCC, and falls outside of the restrictions of TCPA.

It is still wise to abide by common courtesy and acceptable hours, frequency and rules about who you can contact when using ringless voicemail campaigns. Yet, it offers a rollback to the times when businesses and agents could really grow their businesses, reach out with valuable offers and provide great service. All of this along with the benefits of hyper efficient technology.

Uses & Applications for Ringless Voicemail in the Insurance Industry

There are a vast number of ways that ringless voicemail services and campaigns can be used for insurance. Here are just some of them.

1. In Disaster Situations

Ringless voicemail can be a key tool for helping customers in crisis times, while minimizing exposure to risk. Use it to alert customers to pending storms or disasters, advise them on smart steps to take, and how to file claims and protect assets in the midst of floods, hurricanes and other hazards.

2. For Developing B2B Relationships

Use ringless voicemail drops to market and pursue more B2B partnerships, relationships and referral sources.

3. Lead Generation & Nurturing

Generate a consistent flow of business and increase leads on demand with this fast response medium. No longer let so many leads slip through your grasp and get lost. Automate and systemize lead nurturing campaigns with regular drops and their higher conversion rates.

4. Maximizing Policy Renewal Rates

Insurance agents and companies work hard to get business. Often that expense and effort is sacrificed in anticipation of the long term value of those newly won clients. Yet, each renewal period brings the risk of losing them and their dollars to the competition. Beat that with ringless drops ahead of renewal dates.

5. Upselling & Cross Selling Insurance Products

Clients may come to you with only one need at the beginning. Don’t lose those clients and all of their business to competitors who serve their other insurance needs. Use ringless voicemail to upsell and cross sell over time as their needs grow and competing policies come up for renewal.

6. Premium Payment Reminders

Keep cash flow consistent and customers covered with premium reminders.

7. Increasing Brand Loyalty

Use this medium to increase brand loyalty, recognition and value by delivering timely tips on savings and protection, as well as driving them to your other online assets, blog content, and social media pages.

Options for Getting Started with Ringless Voicemail

  • 1. Develop your own technology and applications in-house
  • 2. Use proven third party ringless voicemail service providers
  • 3. Leverage cloud based online dashboards for quick campaign deployment
  • 4. Integrate ringless into your lead management software and as a part of regular follow up

Keys to Effective Implementation

Get the most out of this opportunity to use ringless voicemail by:

  • Building and maintaining strong data and contact lists
  • Smart integration with existing and future CMS
  • Investing in good copy and scripts for messaging
  • Choosing the right ringless voicemail service provider for your scale, frequency and compliance needs


There are many benefits of ringless voicemail for all of those engaged in the insurance industry. It’s one of the few compliant mediums insurance brokers and agents can wield at scale, reliably and profitably. There is currently a great window of opportunity for adopting this technology and standing out in the industry, with several ways to implement it. There are so many applications and benefits it really cannot be ignored, and could quickly differentiate the leaders from the rest in the months to come.