Maintain Customer Loyalty Using Ringless Voicemail SMS Marketing


How can ringless voicemail technology and SMS marketing empower businesses in maintaining customer loyalty and increasing other core KPIs?

Maintaining customer loyalty is an ongoing challenge and mission for entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes. This applies across every industry from telecommunications, to banking, real estate, tech, health, transportation, ecommerce, grocery and hospitality, nonprofits, and beyond. What can SMS and direct to voicemail messaging do to aid in this key area of business?


The Importance of Customer Loyalty Today


Customer loyalty has a wide range of benefits which all have the potential to determine scale and profitability.

Some of the common benefits of customer loyalty are recognized as being:

  • Receiving more high quality and honest feedback from loyal customers
  • Creating brand ambassadors who advertise for you by word of mouth
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Consistency in revenues
  • Insulation from price competition
  • Greatly increased lifetime value of each customer

Customer loyalty is so important that Harvard Business Review states that it is the number one predictor of growth of a business, and the one number you need to grow.

This factor is only becoming more important as it has become far easier for startups to launch, and established companies to step into new lines of business. Yet, users have limited room for apps in any industry on their phones. For example; one fitness tracker app, one go to search engine app, one home search app. Brands are also becoming more important due to the social media heavy environment we live in, with Instagram and Facebook determining much of our shopping habits.


Customer Loyalty Statistics


These statistics highlight just how critical it is to maintain great loyalty levels:

  • Engaged customers by 90% more often
  • Engaged customers spend 60% more at each transaction
  • Each year businesses lose $41B when customers switch
  • After quality, brand recognition is the biggest drive of loyalty among millennials
  • 20% of existing customers produce 80% of your profits
  • Sales conversions as 3-12x higher with existing customers versus new ones
  • It can cost 90% less to retain a customer than find a new one


Obstacles to Customer Loyalty


Although businesses and independent professionals may take customer loyalty seriously, there are obstacles.

The first challenge is noise. There is so much marketing, from so many angles, across so many channels, that it is just hard to stand out from the competition, stay top of mind, and retain attention.

Consider that a 2017 Quarterly Intelligence Briefing shows 55% of marketers plan to increase their digital spend. By 2021 Forbes estimates online marketing alone with see an annual spend of at least $120B. Almost 50% of all marketing budgets will be spent on online advertising channels like email, content marketing, search ads, and video. In an effort to increase customer loyalty, Forrester Research reports that 95% of companies are making customer experience their #1 priority.

Additionally, there can be challenges with employees delivering on customer service expectations, regulations which are controlling how customers can be reached.

There is a lot up for grabs, with millennials alone expected to be wielding $600B in spending power. A group who is also believed to be more demanding about the ability to click and shop fast, and personalized service.


SMS Marketing for Customer Loyalty


SMS marketing services enable marketers to drop well timed messages with into a user’s phone and palm. This can be traditional text messages or multimedia messages.

This type of mobile marketing offers a number of potential advantages in overcoming the above obstacles to developing and maintaining customer loyalty.

This includes:


  • Low cost marketing
  • Easily scalable
  • Has one of the highest open and engagement rates of marketing today
  • Can greatly reduce labor costs and staffing needs
  • Fast delivery and tracking of campaign performance


Ringless Voicemail for Customer Loyalty


Ringless voicemail technology or direct-to-voicemail campaigns have become the next evolution of cold calling and SMS marketing. They are the latest in mobile marketing campaigns.

This technology enables marketers to remotely drop voice messages into customers’ voicemail boxes. All without ringing the phone. This eliminates cold calling regulation hurdles, and the rejection of unrecognized numbers, as the phone doesn’t not even ring.

RIngless voicemail campaigns carry many of the benefits of SMS marketing campaigns. They may even be more likely to be absorbed, and saved.


Application for SMS and Ringless Voicemail in Customer Loyalty


Direct to voicemail marketing was originally pioneered for debt collection services, though both have numerous applications in all industries.

Potential uses include:


  • Regular messaging to stay top of mind
  • Offering speed and ease of engagement for customers
  • Time, location, and behaviour targeting
  • Delivering rewards, coupons, and news
  • Reducing shopping cart fall out
  • Speeding up follow up to inquiries
  • Upsells and repeat purchases
  • Encouraging website visits
  • Increasing attendance to webinars, events, and in-store sales
  • Sending targeted invitations
  • Showing your appreciation
  • Curing defaults and debt collection
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Distributing information when other channels are down
  • Reaching customers in a less competitive medium
  • Providing critical information in an emergency situation


These campaigns can be for occasional use, special functions, or automated for regular year round customer loyalty and marketing campaigns.




Customer loyalty is now recognized as the most important factor in business growth and success. This is just as critical from the first customer, or whether your organization has millions of existing and past users. Just as there are many tangible benefits of gaining and maintaining customer loyalty, there are challenges and hurdles too. SMS marketing and ringless voicemail technology have emerged as two power tools for overcoming these factors for businesses and entities of all sizes, across virtually every industry and niche. The flexibility and benefits of these channels and tools can make a vital difference in achieving customer loyalty goals and KPIs. Both savvy small business owners and large global corporations have begun to use them in a variety of ways, with customizable applications which fit their customer bases. With so much at stake more may find these tools pivotal in their traction and success ahead.