Posted on September 17, 2018

4 Tips for Local Advertising

The geographic approach and technology contribute to boosting the development of small and medium enterprises through the local search engines. Positioning a website by provinces or municipalities is possible, with highly optimized and effective accounts that reduce costs and increase the productivity of companies. The advertising strategy for local SEO drives quality traffic to your website, making it possible for the company and its potential customers to get closer. Local online local advertising allows reaching the nearest public quickly and effectively, increasing the possibility of completing a business.

Use Search Ads

When a user does their local search, especially from their devices, so you can see your business, you must be using Google local search ads. This is important for your company to appear on the map. .


Create pages of the website and create the page near us, where you offer each one of the contact details with your business, as well as hours of attention to the public. It is important that this information is clear to facilitate the location of the search engines. .

Social Networks

An effective way to make local content is to create guides to promote your business, build your brand and be part of your community. Using networks like Facebook to publish your content allows you to achieve a massive reach and increase the queries of brands associated with the main keyword. .

Social networks are more and more important to classify in local search, as long as you interact with a client, do not forget to kindly request your rating, these comments or ratings will improve the reputation of your business. Ask for comments on your activity through Twitter or Facebook and others. Do not neglect these social networks; keep your accounts permanently updated. .

Include the Business in Lists

Include your company on all websites that offer information in your area, starting with the Chamber of Commerce. .

It can also help in this sense to join prestigious organizations, this helps to get publicity on websites or newspapers and brings credibility and confidence to your business; it gives the impression that your business is growing. .

Benefits of local advertising

  • I t’s economic.
  • Make your services and products known to the people who make up your target, especially if they are close to your premises or office, this way it will be much more effective.
  • You can show the ads only when the place is open to the public, this is optional.
  • Allows your client to get in touch at the moment by phone.
  • Quick arrival to your store through mobile maps of Google maps.
  • It facilitates reaching potential customers who are within a geographical
  • It provides a climate of confidence to the user due to the proximity and location of the business.
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