Ringless Voicemail For Remodeling Companies and Contractors

Ringless voicemail is poised to be a powertool for remodeling contractors and companies. How can you use it to grow your business, become more profitable, and protect your gains?

With more challenges and competition than ever, yet with opportunities abounding, remodeling professionals and firms need an advantage. Ringless voicemail is packed with benefits, and could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Is it for you? How can it be used? What makes it so much more appealing than what else is out there?

How Ringless Voicemail Works

While ringless voicemail (RV) still isn’t saturated like email, social, Google, direct mail or cold calling, you may have already experienced it without even realizing it.

If you’ve ever discovered a voicemail or voicemail notification on your phone, but hadn’t even heard your phone ring, there’s a chance that was RV in action.

It works by dropping pre-recorded voicemails directly into phone users inboxes. Typically, in addition to the audio message, it is also automatically transcribed, so they can read it, text back, or click on active links to your website or other online assets. As well as simply calling you back live.

If you’ve experienced this, you’ve already experienced one of the key advantages of ringless. It bypasses the ring, and gets through without the risk of a recipient bouncing the call because they are busy, don’t trust strange phone numbers or just prefer other ways of communicating. Your messages don’t get tossed in the trash with a pile of junk mail, you aren’t blocked by email services or doomed to the spam folder. You’re not lost in a social feed, or driven by too fast on the side of the road.

You can license this technology, or just use a cloud based dashboard to upload your pre-recorded voice messages, and broadcast them to as many or as few recipients as you like. All from your mobile phone.

The Benefits Of Ringless Voicemail In Remodeling

There are many pros of choosing ringless voicemail as your go-to method of communication, or simply to add on and maximize the effectiveness of everything else you do.

Fast & Simple To Get Started With

You may be bombarded with all types of advertising choices and sales pitches. Most of them are not only ineffective, but are complicated, slow to roll out, and cost a lot.

Ringless voicemail doesn’t require buying and machines, training to learn to use it, weeks of content creation, big teams to make it work, or weeks and months of waiting to see if it works. You can launch a new campaign in a day or minutes. You can reach prospects and customers for just a few cents each. Making it far better than Facebook or direct mail.

It’s Mobile

You can use ringless to generate remodeling leads and manage customers from your phone or truck on a different job site, from home, or even on vacation.

Who Can Benefit From Leveraging RV

Just about everyone in and around the remodeling industry can find advantages in ringless voicemail drops.

Nationwide home services companies

Local handymen and small contractors

Commercial and residential contractors

Real estate rehabbers and investors

Skilled trades, like electricians, chimney sweeps, plumbers, painters, and cabinet makers

Whether you are on your own, or have a giant team in multiple locations, RV can be scaled to work for you.

Generating Remodeling Leads With Ringless Drops

Ringless drops are ideal for generating new remodeling leads, customers and jobs.

You can blast out your prospecting messages to targeted and large lists with a couple of clicks. You can choose to drive them in with live incoming calls, to a website or landing page for a quote, or to text you their needs.

This makes it very easy for an individual contractor to generate lots of leads and handle them well. Just speak with people who want to hire you. Or with just an assistant or two, you can generate just as many leads as it takes big companies with hundreds of call center staff, and a whole dedicated marketing department.

Nurturing & Converting Remodeling Leads

If you’ve been in the business for any amount of time, you already know that there can be a big difference between getting in front of people, and actually getting hired for paid jobs or getting your bids accepted.

This can take several connections over time. That used to rely on email, mail, Facebook, cold phone calls, etc. You already know most of those things don’t work too well any more. When they do, they prove pretty expensive once you add up the cost of all the times you sent them a message and interacted.

Ringless slashes this cost and effort. You can schedule follow up voicemails in advance, and reach people in bulk, while automating how they respond. Higher conversions mean more profit for your business, and making more profit for every dime you do spend on marketing.

Securing Repeat Business

Repeat business is the gold mine for remodelers. Repeat business is easy to close, customers are easier to work with, faster to get started on, and beat you up less on your bids.

Ringless makes it super easy to regularly touch base with all of your past customers, remind them you are there to help, mention new deals and trends, ensure they have your contact info handy, and generate that repeat business.

You can set this all up in advance too. Schedule it out, so it just works for you, and you just focus on doing the jobs.

Generating Referral Leads For Remodelers

The same applies to referral leads. They are just as golden as repeat business. Use ringless drops, which your contacts can share with their friends, family and coworkers, to get in more referral business and jobs for every contact you make.

Opportunistic & Crisis Marketing

Great opportunities often come along and can provide a big boost in business for remodelers, if they can act instantly to get the word out about how they can help. Like riots, pandemics, storms, new solar requirements, etc. With the push of a button you can make sure people are calling you and not the competition.

Getting Paid

One of the big pains in the remodeling industry is actually getting paid on your work and on time. Especially if you have a crew to pay too. You can even use ringless drops to give your clients a heads up on paydays, and to prompt them to make their installment payments, so you are actually predictably putting money in the bank for your efforts.
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