How Solar Companies Can Use Ringless Voicemail

How can solar companies take advantage of ringless voicemail tools to enhance their businesses, gain more solar leads and boost the bottom line?

Solar has become an increasingly competitive industry. While extremely important, and now a mandatory service in many parts of the country and world, there are many players vying for this business. 

New communication and marketing regulations, pandemic viruses and other major events have limited or made old methods of generating solar leads and doing business virtually extinct. Ringless voicemail could be the answer.

An Introduction To Ringless Voicemail

If you’ve ever received a voicemail on your phone, but don’t even remember your phone ringing, there’s a good chance that could have been ringless voicemail at work.

You might have ignored a lot of emails, cold calls, social media, online and outdoor ads, and even junk text messages this week. Chances are you always check out your voicemail. Even if that is just reading the transcription of the message instead of listening to the audio. That is one of the examples of how powerful and important ringless voicemail is today.

Unlike traditional telecom and phone marketing, including dialers, this unique type of technology bypasses the ringing and simply drops your message right into your targets’ inbox.

This has not only exempted it from all of the restrictions and fines associated with email, social and calling, but has made it far more effective.

The Advantages Of Ringless Voicemail For Solar

The above alone is more than reason enough to test out ringless voicemail. Yet, there are many more benefits as well. These are just some of them.


Many of the other marketing and customer engagement ideas being floated out there today are complicated, expensive, and may require a lot of training and time to implement. In contrast, ringless voicemail campaigns can be launched almost as quickly as you can select your list and upload a short voicemail message. There is no hardware to buy or install. There are no months of creating content and optimizing for SEO.

Cost & ROI

Ringless voicemail messages can be sent for just a few cents. That beats Facebook and Google Ads. With such superior connection rates, even with similar conversion ratios returns on marketing will be dramatically higher.

Types of Solar Companies & Professionals Who Can Benefit From RV

There are many types of solar related companies and independent professionals who stand to win by embracing ringless drops.

Residential solar panel vendors and installers

Commercial real estate solar vendors

Solar farms and leasing brokers

Independent solar salespeople

Solar lead brokers

Renovation contractors offering solar carports and additions

Solar accessory retailers and wholesalers (generators, pool covers, lights, etc.)

From solo entrepreneurs to the largest organizations, solar pros can all find great rewards from implementing this technology.

Generating Solar Leads With Ringless Voicemail

Ringless is the perfect tool for cutting through the challenges to generate more solar leads.

Ringless can be used to contact and generate solar leads at scale. It means being able to instantly contact thousands of prospects in a very effective way. At the same time it can be used to pinpoint highly targeted prospects which are ripe for buying.

Voicemails can be used to rapidly drive in live phone leads, live chats, text messages, and website traffic.

Increasing Conversions

Not only does ringless voicemail mean driving in warm leads which are easier to convert, and giving prospects their choice of preferred medium to interact, it also makes those all important follow up and nurturing touches easy and affordable. 

You can use it to send a whole series of follow ups, which actually get through for the fraction of the cost and effort of other mediums.

Upselling & Cross-Selling

Whether it is upfront, during the sales process, or after the initial sale, ringless makes it virtually effortless to upsell, cross sell and increase the value of each customer and sale.

You can drop offers of bonuses, upgrades, add-ons, partner products, subscription services, and more at any moment. All with much more confidence that your investment in outreach will pay off.

Increasing Repeat Business

The same applies to generating repeat business. From reviving old leads to maintaining customer loyalty, to ensuring you are top of mind and top choice when they are ready to upgrade, move, or expand their solar needs, regular drops are ideal for keeping the business and in turn maximizing profitability once you’ve gained customers.

Acquiring More Solar Lead Referrals

Use rv drops to either acquire new affiliate channel partners and equip them for success, or to tap your databases, network and past clients for fresh streams of referrals and new business. Drip to them in a friendly way, making it easy and effortless for them to refer you to their networks.

Opportunistic Marketing

Many forms of marketing, branding and messaging take a lot of time to prepare and schedule in advance. That doesn’t always leave much room and budget to take advantage of key opportunities. Ringless voicemail campaigns can be dispatched in minutes when major events create new urgency for solar related products and services. Like blackouts, storms, pandemics, riots, and new mandates and regulations.

Business Cost Cutting & Business Continuity

The agile, virtual and mobile nature of ringless voicemail makes it an invaluable tool for ensuring business continuity, even in the most unprecedented crisis. It can help guarantee your survival, and make you the one who survives when others are struggling.

The hyper efficiency this offers means being able to achieve more results, with fewer team members, and even without commercial office space and lots of static overhead.

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