Posted on September 28, 2018

Call Center Marketing 101

If you type “call center” into Google, you will see a number of paid ads and free search results that all look the same and promise the same things: quick setup, no setup fees or special setup offer, no hardware to install, flexible pricing and 24/7 availability. This article will introduce you to five ways that will allow you to market your call center better than the competition.

1. Specialize

Most business owners think that their businesses are absolutely unique. People that sell to parents with children think that their customers are different from customers who have no children. Those who sell to millennials are absolutely convinced that their target audience is very different from other audiences.

For this reason, one of the ways to find clients for your call center faster and cheaper is to specialize. Find out who your best customers are and then position yourself as the call center for those customers, be it seniors, millennials or some other demographic. This will instantly allow you to stand out from the competition that uses the same approach to market to everyone.

2. Create an irresistible offer

Once you identify your target audience and position yourself as the solution for your target audience, create an irresistible offer for them. Ask yourself a simple question: what offer will your market not be able to refuse? If you pay attention to most marketing and advertising, you will notice that most of it have no offers. It simply talks about products and services and then stops talking without asking prospects to take the next step. Even when there are offers, they typically all look the same, such as “we will waive set up fees if you sign up today.”

Your goal is to stand out and create something different. For example, if most of your competitors offer to waive set up fees, offer an audit of phone scripts, the creation of scripts, or improvement in conversions.

There are several approaches you can use to identify what you can offer. The first approach is to see what your competition is offering and to try and offer something that is at least much better, if not very different. The second approach is to figure out what your customers really want and then give it to them. Many call centers advertise technology and features, such as no hardware to install, 24/7 availability, flexible pricing and more.

At the same time, your customers don’t really care about features. What they really want is results in the form of higher conversions during the calls, happier customers, and increased volume of orders. Your marketing will be much more effective if instead of just talking about technology, you start talking about results and things that really matter to your customers.

3. Add ringless voicemail to your list of services

The fact that your marketing will be more effective if you talk more than just about technology does not mean that you should ignore technology. On the contrary, you always want to be on the lookout for new solutions and technologies that can deliver results for your clients. For example, currently one of such technologies is ringless voicemail.

When you drop a ringless voicemail message, the technology does not call a consumer directly. It calls the landline of the phone provider and delivers the message via the landline. The phone provider then finds the consumer’s allocated space on the server, moves the message to the space and sends a notification to the consumer about a new message. This way, there is no phone call, no interruptions, and no charges, yet there is a message that looks and feels just like regular voicemail. Most people check their voicemails very frequently, which is why the technology has very high conversion rates.

Your customers can use it to both advertise services and to remind existing customers about their appointments. One of the biggest benefits of the technology is that it is possible to automate it. Your clients can record a message once and then be sending it over and over again.

4. Run a referral program

If you serve industries where business owners know each other but do not directly compete with each other, one of the best ways to grow your call center business is to ask your current customers for referrals. Referral customers are better than other types of customers for a number of reasons. They trust you more from the very beginning of the relationship because they know that their friends or colleagues trust you. They are also less likely to start negotiating pricing because if their friends are paying your pricing, the friends are de-facto endorsing your business by agreeing to pay what you are asking.

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