Exceed your sales target with ringless voicemail drops.

Every time.

Over 90% of people listen to their voicemail, compared to 40% answering their phone and 10% opening an email.
Ringless voicemail generates 10% call-backs or website visits, for a very low cost per successful drop.
Recipients respond better given its not as intrusive as calls or text messages.
Successful for:
B2B Lending
Student Loan Consolidation
Lead Generation
Mortgage Lending
Real Estate
Car Dealerships
Collections Agencies
Call Center Optimization / Inbound Call Generation

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“Drop is the Leader In RVM Tech”
Overall: Like anything, if you're new to RVM tech it can be mastering the art of effective message crafting, and timing, to get the results you're looking for, once done, I believe users in any industry where cost effective advertising is essential can gain massive benefit from the technology Drop has created.
Overall: We use RVM to reach specific b2b target markets in a cost efficient way. And in a way that allows us to get our whole 'elevator pitch' out at a time that the prospect chooses to listen to their messages, instead of interrupting their day with a sales call.
“Great RVM Service”
Pros: The team at drop.co has helped us really stretch the value of RVM. I didn't have much success using other vendors and was getting frustrated. Very glad I took the plunge and finally switched providers. The price and delivery has been nothing but great. We see instant ROI on ALL campaigns that we deploy! I'll be a user for life!

Use ringless voicemail drops for

increase sale appointments

Proactive outbound ringless drop can drive in more calls for sale people. while ensuring a seamless experience

Customer service and follow up

From start to finish ringless voicemail can help to boost overall customer service experience and multiple touches and opportunity to solve any issue early.

Instantly connecting at scale with reduced labor and cost

Launching and managing a high volume ringless voicemail campaign is a sample as clicking few button. No need for large marketing teams and ridiculous advertising budget

Automating mass updates and product announcement

Use ringless voicemail drops to notify your entire customer base of new product and feature roll out.

Deliver voice messages to any mobile number

Generate a consistent flow of business and increase leads on demand with 10X more efficiency

Lead Nurturing & Follow Up

Use regular drops to nurture leads in database and follow up until they convert. No more burning manual hours, utilities and labor budgets

still not sure drop is the right solution for your business?

For the past 20+ years, businesses and sales organizations raging from Fortune 500 down to small mom and pops shops all across United States have chosen our powerful ringless voicemail solution to meet and exceed there sales targets.

Let us help YOU maximize your business opportunities by increasing sales, engaging your customer and gaining valuable business insights - all without ever interrupting customers with a phone call. with drop you never miss an opportunity for a sale.

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