Posted on June 19, 2023

How to Write a Voicemail Drop Script for Real Estate Agents

Voicemail drop, also known as ringless voicemail, is a marketing technique that allows you to send a pre-recorded message to a prospect’s phone without making it ring. This way, you can avoid interrupting them and increase the chances of them listening to your message.

Voicemail drop is especially useful for real estate agents who want to reach out to potential buyers and sellers, follow up with leads, or stay in touch with past clients. However, to make the most of this strategy, you need to write a voicemail drop script that is clear, concise, and compelling.

A voicemail drop script is a written outline of what you want to say in your message. It helps you organize your thoughts, communicate your value proposition, and persuade your listener to take action. A good voicemail drop script should be:

  • Short: Your message should be no longer than 30 seconds, as most people have a short attention span and may not listen to a long message.
  • Simple: Your message should be easy to understand and avoid using jargon or technical terms that may confuse your listener.
  • Specific: Your message should be tailored to your goal and audience, and address their pain points, needs, or desires.
  • Smart: Your message should be relevant, timely, and informative, and offer a solution or benefit that your listener can’t refuse.
  • Strong: Your message should be confident, professional, and friendly, and create a positive impression of you and your brand.

To write a voicemail drop script for real estate agents, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify your goal and audience. Before you start writing, you need to know what you want to achieve with your message and who you are talking to. For example, do you want to generate new leads, nurture existing ones, or ask for referrals? Are you targeting buyers or sellers, first-time homeowners or investors, cold or warm prospects? Knowing your goal and audience will help you tailor your message accordingly and avoid sounding generic or irrelevant.
  2. Start with a catchy introduction. The first few seconds of your message are crucial to capture the attention of your listener and convince them to keep listening. Therefore, you need to start with a catchy introduction that includes your name, your company name, and a reason for calling. You can also use a personalized greeting or a compliment to make a good impression and build rapport. For example:

“Hi John, this is Jane from ABC Realty. I hope this message finds you well.” “Hello Mary, this is Mike from XYZ Homes. I’m calling because I have some great news for you.” “Hey Tom, this is Lisa from 123 Real Estate. I just wanted to say congratulations on your recent purchase.”

  1. Deliver your value proposition. After introducing yourself, you need to deliver your value proposition, which is the main benefit or offer that you have for your listener. This is where you need to be clear, concise, and compelling, and explain why they should care about what you have to say. You can also use a question or a statistic to spark their curiosity and interest. For example:

“Did you know that the average home price in your neighborhood has increased by 15% in the last year?” “Do you want to sell your home fast and for top dollar in this competitive market?” “Are you looking for a dream home that meets all your needs and budget?”

  1. Include a clear call to action. The last part of your message is the call to action, which is the specific action that you want your listener to take after hearing your message. This could be calling you back, visiting your website, scheduling an appointment, or requesting more information. You need to include a clear call to action that tells them exactly what to do next and how to do it. You can also create a sense of urgency or scarcity to motivate them to act quickly. For example:

“Call me back at 555-1234 as soon as possible so we can discuss this opportunity further.” “Visit my website at and check out the latest listings in your area.” “Reply to this message and let me know when is the best time for me to show you this amazing property.”

  1. End with a friendly sign-off. Finally, you need to end your message with a friendly sign-off that thanks them for their time and attention, and reminds them of your name and contact information. You can also restate your value proposition or call to action briefly to reinforce your message and create a lasting impression. For example:

“Thank you for listening to this message. This is Jane from ABC Realty, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.” “I appreciate your time and interest. This is Mike from XYZ Homes, and I hope you have a great day.” “It was a pleasure talking to you. This is Lisa from 123 Real Estate, and I can’t wait to show you this amazing property.”

Voicemail drop is a powerful marketing tool for real estate agents, as it allows you to reach out to your prospects without being intrusive or annoying. By writing a voicemail drop script that follows these steps, you can create a message that is clear, concise, and compelling, and that will generate more leads, conversions, and referrals for your business.

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