Posted on May 5, 2023

Legal Ringless Voicemail Apps: A Convenient Way to Reach Your Customers

Incorporating voice capabilities into technology has transformed the way businesses and users interact. Salesforce has recently introduced its Ringless Voice Drop feature embedded in the 360 SMS app, which allows users to reach their prospects using extended voice capabilities without disturbing them. But before jumping into the use of voice messages in business, it’s important to understand that ringless voicemails are legal in all states thanks to FCC rulings and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) terms.

The illusion of a Missed Call without an Intrusive Ring

The Ringless Voicedrop feature is an innovative way to interact with customers by dropping a voice message without ringing their phone. It administers a quiet presence over the receiver’s phone screens in the form of a missed call notification, conveying the message at scale without being intrusive. This method is ideal for busy customers who prefer not to be disturbed by phone calls. They can listen to the voicemail at their convenience without feeling pressured to pick up the phone.

Lend your Voice, Incorporate a Human Element into Automated Messages

The Ringless Voicedrop feature allows users to save time by recording and uploading voice messages and even creating voice templates for future use. By incorporating a human element into automated messages, businesses can personalize their communication strategy, creating a more engaging experience for their customers. The 360 SMS app’s bulk voicemail feature enables users to send or schedule voicemails to a wide range of audiences. Scheduling voice messages to go out at a specific time on special life events like birthdays and anniversaries is a much easier and more personalized approach to conveying a sense of belonging to customers.

Bulk, Scheduled and Pre-recorded Voicemail

The Ringless Voicedrop feature allows users to take advantage of the voicemail blast feature for bulk messaging. Users can also send voicemails to specific clients based on their replies to a particular message through list views. Additionally, users can shoot voicemails adding or modifying members of existing campaigns. The voicemail from reports feature accommodates the need for recipients’ lists that exceed 2k clients. By using this feature, businesses can reach out to a larger audience, making it an effective way to expand their customer base.

Convey Vital Information over Voice, Without Intruding

The Ringless Voicedrop feature is an excellent way to convey vital information silently without being intrusive. For example, if a company needs to provide important updates, reminders, or notifications to its customers, a voicemail is an ideal way to deliver that information. Customers can listen to the voicemail when they have the time, making it a convenient way to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed by the information.

In conclusion, the Ringless Voicedrop feature of the 360 SMS app empowers its users to qualify new leads, attract new prospects, and drive awareness without communicating in person, but still providing a sense of personalization due to voice potential. The feature allows users to convey vital information silently without being intrusive, making it an excellent addition to any business’s communication strategy. Businesses can benefit from using this feature to reach out to their customers in a more personal and engaging way, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and retention.

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