Posted on December 4, 2017

Use Ringless Voicemail to Increase Sales Production

Ringless voicemail is a way to leave voicemail messages without disturbing people and without causing a negative reaction.

In the United States, there are laws that restrict telemarketing and robocalls. There are many reasons why the government enacted the laws, including consumers complaining about interruptions, dealing with scammers and having to pay for calls that they didn’t want to have in the first place.

Ringless voicemail works with cellphones only but the technology doesn’t make any calls to the cellphones. Instead, it calls the providers of the cellular service using business landlines and delivers voicemail messages this way. Cellular service providers then move the messages to the allocated server space of a cellular service user and notify the user about a message. Users can then check their voicemail at a time that is convenient for them. This way, ringless voicemail doesn’t disturb consumers and consumers don’t have to pay to get or listen to their messages. Because of these reasons, the current laws (as of October 2017) that regulate telemarketing do not apply to ringless voicemail and it is perfectly legal to use it. This article will introduce you to some of the ways you can use ringless voicemail to increase your sales production.

Reasons to Build An Effective Sales Production Process

Most salespeople do a fairly good job at presenting products and services to prospects that are interested in what the salesperson has to sell. It is getting the prospects and getting in front of them that is an issue for most businesses and salespeople.

Because of this, most organizations hate prospecting and try to avoid it. Sometimes it happens consciously and sometimes subconsciously. They typically do it when there’s a dire necessity for it, yet doing something when you have a critical necessity almost never works well.

Chasing people and trying to convince someone to buy when they have no slight interest in buying in the first place is extremely hard and exhausting. It is an unpleasant, tough work, which is the reason why it is much better to build an effective sales process that starts with positioning and sorting those who have no interest in what you sell whatsoever from those that would make a great customer.

When you do prospecting and try to push a sale, the guards of people go up. They start perceiving you as someone who wants something from them. In their life, they had to deal with a lot of disreputable businesses and salespeople who promised something and then didn’t deliver. When you start pushing, that’s the category you end up in. The logic of your prospects is that if you had a great product or service, you would not have to be chasing potential customers. They would be looking for you. This is why you want to build a process during which your prospects can find you, discover your business, ask for assistance or information about your products, and then make a buying decision. This way, their guards will be down, your salespeople won’t have to chase anyone and the whole experience will be much more pleasant for all the parties involved.

The Anatomy of a Successful Sales Production Process

The right prospect for a business is someone who has at least some degree of interest in what the business is selling. The person or organization also needs to have the financial ability and the authority to make a buying decision. These are the prospects that you want to identify, focus on and develop into customers. The sales process, therefore, should consist of the following steps:

  1. Create effective advertising and get in front of your prospects
  2. Let them show you that they are interested in what you have. Get a permission to sell
  3. Deliver a message or a series of messages
  4. Close a sale

You can use ringless voicemail marketing very successfully and effectively during all these steps.

Getting in Front Of Your Prospects and Getting a Permission to Sell

Many businesses and salespeople significantly underestimate all the hurdles and issues that stand between them and their customers. Arnold Taubman was one of the pioneers in the business of building giant retail shopping malls all across the United States. In his book and speeches, Taubman often talked about threshold resistance, which is what separated a prospect from walking into a store. In his business, Taubman had to deal with threshold resistance in the form of actual physical stairs, heavy entrance doors, and storefront windows that didn’t present the merchandise in an attractive manner.

No matter your business, you also have some forms of threshold resistance in it. For example, a financial planner may be offering a free consultation to prospects, thinking that it is a great way to position himself or herself as an expert, help people, and build credibility. In reality, people may be afraid of requesting a free consultation because they don’t feel comfortable about discussing their finances with someone they don’t know. They may not have their finances in order and don’t want to talk to someone because if they do, they’ll have to admit that their financial matters are in a mess. Finally, they may be afraid that the financial advisor will try to sell them and close them and they want to avoid that.

For all these reasons, one of the best ways to generate leads and create expert positioning is to advertise free information. A person may be scared of walking into an office of a financial advisor, but he or she will request a guide about five steps to getting financial matters in order. Asking for free information is completely non-threatening no matter what business you are in. Ringless voicemail can be extremely helpful here. You can leave voice mail messages to prospects describing typical mistakes that people make in regards to what you sell. Then, you can offer them a free guide, book, brochure, newsletter, CD or a video that educates them and helps them avoid making mistakes. You can use ringless voicemail to have prospects order the information by phone or you can direct them to a website. Everything about this process is measurable, which means that you can track your ROI, split-test different messages and different offers.

Deliver a Message or a Series of Messages

After your prospects raise their hands to show their interest in what you have, you need to deliver your message to them.

At this step, ringless voicemail can be helpful, too. If you are sending something via regular mail, you can leave a voicemail notifying your prospects that you shipped them a package. If you direct your prospects to a website, you can leave a message designed to confirm that your prospects were able to visit a website. You can also create a survey about your advertising and your offer. Then, use ringless voicemail to inform your prospects and customers about the survey.

Closing the Sale

It is also possible to incorporate ringless voicemail into closing the sale. For example, if your business sells during in-office appointments or webcast demos, you can use ringless voicemail to leave messages with reminders about an upcoming appointment. You can also create a message that informs your prospects about X things they need to know about their upcoming appointment and what they need to do to be ready for it.

If you are launching a new product or service, you can notify your customers and prospects about it via ringless voicemail.

Different people prefer different means of communication. Some prefer to read on paper. Others check their email all the time. Yet others get their news and information from Facebook, LinkedIn and other online sources and platforms. The most effective selling processes incorporate many of the media and opportunities. Step one may be contacting a customer via email. Step two maybe showing them a retargeting Facebook ad. Step three, sending them a direct mail package. Ringless voicemail allows you to add more steps to this process very easily and inexpensively in almost any way you want. The technology also provides excellent opportunities for tracking and measurement, which means that you’ll be able to track your ROI and split test various ideas and ways to increase your sales production.

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