Posted on July 10, 2020

Using Ringless Voicemail to Re-Target Your Leads

Lead retargeting has become even more important for all types of marketers. Now ringless voicemail technology can be used to enhance those efforts, stand out and get even better lead generation results.

Lead Retargeting
Modern lead retargeting is one of the most loved things to come from AdTech in the last few years. Those who understand sales and advertising know the need for retargeting all too well. It is an essential piece of the sauce and funnel that creates real leads and conversions.

Despite all the hype about social media marketing, chatbots and PPC, it still typically takes multiple touches, if not many, in order to take a prospect through to paying customer, or at least real user.

You’re not just going to be able to bid $5 a click on Google, and expect 10 real leads to follow through on your website for $50. Even among those that do opt-in or fill out a contact form, many won’t be reachable by live sales teams. Most salespeople give up after their first follow up attempt. That balloons the real cost of any actual closed leads. It means burning thousands of dollars, and missing out on an enormous amount of lifetime customer value.

You’ve got to be retargeting in order to improve those numbers and step up your cash flow.

The Pros & Cons of Traditional Retargeting Methods
Whether you call it follow up, drip marketing or retargeting, and regardless where you get initial leads from, there are multiple mediums to choose from. Each has their own pros and cons.

PPC ads can be great at targeting. Yet, they can be complicated and far more expensive than you think by the time you actually close a sale. They either require specialist marketers to help, or can be very frustrating. Even then there is so much click fraud today that a very large percentage of clicks are just lost budget. AI still isn’t as intelligent or intuitive as humans either. Which can lead to even more money wasted on showing ads to ill fitting leads.

Social Media
The above can also apply if you are running PPC and CPM ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If you’re not using paid traffic strategies, then you have to deal with the fact that social has become very unpredictable. You just don’t know how many of your followers and others will see your posts, no matter how much time, heart, effort and money you put into crafting amazing content.

Email is great. It is cheap, easy to use, and easy to automate. If your ideal target customers are heavy email users, then definitely be using it. The downside is that there is so much noise and spam today, that even when prospects really want your emails and solution, they just don’t have time. Even if you’re not that busy, wading through 200 or so junk emails a day is grueling. So many are giving up on it, or just have to blind delete everything to conserve their sanity. Many people are no longer regular email users either.

Direct Mail
This again depends on your target demographics and customer profiles. We’re getting more and more nomadic. People are spending a lot more time traveling, and often batch any mail they do get like their email. Either it’s a must read, or it’s a must trash. Mail pieces that get noticed aren’t cheap either.

Live Phone Marketing
While phones themselves are more popular than ever, how we use them has changed a lot. Our phones instantly banish most unknown calls as ‘Scam Likely’. We don’t pick up calls unless we have scheduled a meeting. We crave more interaction in our virtual world, but it isn’t easy for salespeople to get through to prospects live. Not to mention all of the regulations that keep making it more difficult and less and less profitable.

Ringless Voicemail
Ringless voicemail is a little different. It harnesses much of the best of all the above, while avoiding all of the limitations and pitfalls. Delivery is better. Costs are low. Yet, it is very personal and engaging.

What is Ringless Voicemail?
As the name suggests, this technology drops voicemails in phone users’ inboxes without making their phones ring.

If you’ve ever looked at your phone and wondered how that message got there without you hearing a call, that’s ringless in play.

You can drop these targeted messages to just the prospects you want, when you want, without the risk of attempts to reach them being bounced by called ID or consumers fearing more spam.

This types of messaging offers very high open rates, and enables you to provide a personal and targeted touch. While you can also blast them out in mass, extremely cheaply, for hyper-efficiency.

Recipients can then hit a single click to call you back live when it is convenient to them, visit a timely resource, text you, or use an interactive or AI phone system to move through your funnel.

Who Can Use Ringless Voicemail?
Ringless is usable by just about every business and independent professional you can think of. Especially for these industries.

● Mortgage lending
● Real estate
● Auto dealers
● Political campaigns
● Nonprofits
● Debt collection
● Retail stores
● Food services
● Healthcare
● Saas startups
● Insurance
● Events

Quick Tips for Making the Most Out of Ringless Retargeting
● Make sure you are loading your CRM with all your contacts, and updating them
● Be sure to be collecting phone numbers on all your forms
● Stick to conventional phone etiquette when sending messages
● Consider using lead scoring to prioritize and segment leads
● Considered targeted special offers to this group
● Use it for upsells
● Don’t just get tunnel vision on this one prospect, always ask for referrals

Retargeting prospects and leads is a must. Even in this digital marketing era. Ringless voicemail can help you do that. Put it to the test and you may find it is one of your highest converting, most cost effective and efficient tools for closing the gap and maximizing your potential.

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